Developing a Distributed Oceanographic Match-up Service


The Distributed Oceanographic Match-up Service (DOMS) is a collaborative effort between COAPS, NCAR, and NASA JPL.  The service is currently in the prototype phase and scheduled to go online in late 2016 – a status of the project development will be provided.  DOMS will reconcile satellite and in situ datasets in support of NASA’s Earth Science mission. The service will provide a mechanism for users to input a series of geospatial references for satellite observations and receive the in situ observations that are matched to the satellite data within a selectable temporal and spatial domain. DOMS includes several characteristic in situ and satellite observation datasets.  It will be used by the marine and satellite research communities to support a range of activities.  The service is designed to provide a community-accessible tool that dynamically delivers matched data and allows the scientist to only work with the subset of data where the matches exist.