EarthCube Integration and Test Environment (ECITE)


EarthCube is an NSF-funded, community-driven effort to design, develop, and foster cyber-infrastructure for geosciences.  An expressed need from the community, and especially from an EarthCube All Hands forum, was a testbed environment that would provide resources and support for the integration and testing of EarthCube funded (and other) cyberinfrastructure technologies.  The EarthCube Integration and Test Environment (ECITE) is an NSF 2015 EarthCube project funded to address such needs and to provide easy access to CI resources through a hybrid cloud approach.  The ECITE team will be working with many EarthCube governance committees, both technology and science oriented, to define the types of integration, testing and evaluation necessary to achieve and demonstrate interoperability and functionality that benefits and supports the objectives of the EarthCube cyber-infrastructure.  The scope of ECITE will reach beyond NSF and EarthCube to work with the broader Earth science community to incorporate lessons learned from other testbed activities such as ESIP Testbed, and ultimately prototype a relevant testing, integration capability for broader community benefits.

Collaboration Area: