Data Management Training via ESIP: Progress & Possibilities


The need for data management training resources for scientific researchers continues to grow as evidenced by the number of players entering the arena with new and different kinds of online and face to face tutorials, curricula, workshops, and problem / solution sets.  ESIP's own Data Management for Scientists Short Course continues to be used, and helpful, but could be expanded, and some modules may need to be updated.  One of the most pressing needs seems to be for coordination as the range, extent, diversity and utility of these resources can be quite bewildering to both new career and established researchers.  The Data Management Training working group under the ESIP Data Stewardship Committee has found new life and energy with a diverse and collaborative group of people from cross-agency, academic, non-profit, for profit, and consortial venues including USGS, DataONE, Columbia University's CIESIN, AGU, NOAA,NASA and ESIP.  This re-energized group has started meeting using ESIP's community building resources, and has submitted a Statement of Interest (SOI) to the U.S. Geological Survey's Community Data Integration (CDI) program to establish a Data Management Clearinghouse for the educational resources and events focused on data management training for earth scientists that are available locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The SOI has recently been voted 3rd out of approximately 40 projects by U.S. Geological Survey's CDI members.  This vote of support and interest from the CDI members allows us to submit a proposal for seed funding to establish a Data Management Clearinghouse on the ESIP Commons, ultimately to be sustained via crowd-sourcing.  This poster will illustrate the past, present and proposed activities of the Data Management working group, and the plans for a collaborative Data Management Training Clearinghouse.  More information and group discussion of these efforts and plans is planned for the breakout session on Wednesday afternoon (Data Management Training Resources Survey and Clearinghouse Project Report, node #8755).   

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Name: Sophie Hou
Organization(s): UCAR/NCAR