ESIP Testbed Governance


Join us to discuss the future of ESIP's testbed. This session kicks off a potential evolution in the testbed governance as we grow beyond Products & Services with the new Semantic Tech committee offerings. We will be discussing the spin-up of a Testbed governance cluster to manage proposal review panels and provide a model for cross-cluster/committee collaborations, starting with a structure to support the progression of projects through the testbed from the P&S incubator through SemTech (or P&S) prototype projects. What model should ESIP use to define readiness levels in these cases? How should that be assessed (related: ESIP's Software Assessment activities)? We would also like to consider ways that the testbed can evolve to support different kinds of projects or opportunities for ESIP members.



a.    Three ways into testbed activities
    i.    Products & services
    ii.    Committee
    iii.    Semantic committee (*new*)
b.    AWS is available for testbed activities.
c.    Short term project lifespans: $7k, ~ 6 months.
    i.    2-4 projects funded every 6 months.
d.    Special projects also funded through Finance Committee
e.    Previous projects include facilitating review of three NASA AIST software projects.
    i.    Six new projects will be evaluated this fall.
    ii.    Plans to expand beyond initial projects.
f.    One path/route into testbed activities may be preferable to three potential avenues.
g.    ESIP does not want to be running ongoing systems/operations.
h.    Suggested changes to structure:
    i.    Testbed should be separate from operations.
    ii.    Other testbeds put out calls for specific tools/projects, rather than evaluate proposals.
    iii.    What does the test lifecycle look like?
    iv.    Develop formal organization for ESIP Testbed and put out an RFP for a suite of tools to be developed together.
    v.    Separate Testbed from the semantic committee’s development of an ontology portal.
    vi.    Use staff resources to maintain operational services, such as ontology portal.
    vii.    Testbed could be a service of the Products & Services or Interoperability committee.
   viii.    Testbed is being used for three discrete processes/programs and they should be separate and not conflated.
        1.    Proposals to products and services
        2.    AIST/USGS evaluation
        3.    Ontology portal

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Scott, S.; Narock, T.; ESIP Testbed Governance; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , March 2016