Full Motion Video & Drone Data Processing: Collaborative Experiment


You've got the drones, and we've got some software... let's do processing.

This session will report and discuss the outputs of UAV-driven research and what further information can be derived leveraging Esri's  Drone2Map software in science activities and missions.

We'll briefly describe how Drone2Map works and then hear from several different folks with whom we've been collaborating in the ESIP research community.  They will share about their research and results, and also if/how Drone2Map brought additional insight to their work.

Looking forward to reporting out on the collaboration and showing cutting edge UAV-enabled research!



This session was preceeded by a "Drone Field Trip" Workshop on Tuesday Evening:

  • Esip Members were able to attend a Drone Flight - facilitated by Sean Barberie and Lindsay Barbieri 
  • Sean and Lindsay demonstrated:
    • Mission planning
    • Drone flight planning
    • Imagery collection
    • and discussion around broad drone use and data collection with drones in the sciences 

Background on ESRI's Drone2Map:

  • Sudhir gave a background on ESRI's Drone2Map program, complete with screenshots
  • Tripp and Christine facilitated background on drone use more broadly in the sciences

Mini Presentations / Discussion by Drone Users:

  • Sean Barberie
    • Used small quadcopter (Phantom) in New Zealand
    • Used ESRI's Drone2Map to map Castle Rock 
  • Lindsay Barbieri
    • Working in agriculture
    • Mostly with non-imagery data (gas data)
    • But compared small quadcopter imagery with a hacked camera to professional mapping drone imagery with good agreement! 
Corbett, T.; White, C.; Shrestha, S.; Full Motion Video & Drone Data Processing: Collaborative Experiment; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , April 2016