Architecting for the Cloud: Best Practices and Cost Analysis


Architecting for the Cloud is a non-trivial effort.  It is a multi-faceted process. While commercial and Private clouds have been around for over a decade, cost is still the key factor inhibiting cloud adoption.  While countless studies have been published over the years, estimating the Total Cost of Ownership is still a domain-specific effort. This session invites presentations focusing on sharing their experiences, best practices, cost analysis conducted by organizations, missions, and projects.  Some of the potential areas of interests

  • Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Strategies
  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Data Movement and Storage Strategies
  • Availability and Redundancy
  • Portability vs Proprietary Solutions
  • Evolution (incremental) vs Revolution (redesign)
  • Instances Types Selection
  • Speed vs Cost
  • Long-term Storage and Availability
  • Cost Saving in Proprietary Solution
  • Tools and/or Process to estimate Total Cost of Ownership


  • Dan Pilone/E84 – ESDIS Cloud Architecture and Deployment
  • Mike Little/ESTO – AIST Managed Cloud Environment
  • Aleksandar Jelenak – OPeNDAP on Cloud
  • Hook Hua/JPL – Science Data Systems
Huang, T.; Yang, P.; Architecting for the Cloud: Best Practices and Cost Analysis; Winter Meeting 2017. ESIP Commons , October 2016