Advancing netCDF-CF


The Climate and Forecast (CF) metadata conventions for netCDF (netCDF-CF) are widely accepted in the climate, weather, remote-sensing, and other geoscience communities.

This session will provide an update on several current efforts to advance netCDF-CF as well as providing an opportunity for the ESIP community to discuss and provide input on those efforts.


  • Update on current activities to advance netCDF-CF (PDF), Ethan Davis, Unidata
  • Report on CF work with satellite swath data, Aleksandar Jelenak, The HDF Group
  • Report on the US IOOS developed CF Compliance Checker (PPT), Luke Campell, RPS/ASA and IOOS Program Office
  • Discussion
    • Current activities¬†to advance netCDF-CF
    • Coordination between CF Governance/Process and OGC, ESIP, etc.
Davis, E.; Advancing netCDF-CF; Winter Meeting 2017. ESIP Commons , October 2016