Live demo interacting with data from an underwater microscope


We will demonstrate a software prototype developed for the Marine Biodiversity Virtual Laboratory (MBVL), a project funded by NSF CyberSEES led by P. Fox at RPI and in collaboration with D. Mark Welch at MBL. In particular, we will demonstrate a reproducible and interactive workflow for acquiring, processing, and plotting data from an underwater microscope, the Imaging FlowCytobot (IFCB). The workflow is implemented as a Jupyter notebook that accesses data systems via open web-based protocols and produces analytic results and visualizations. Software provisioning is implemented using Vagrant, and all files are available from our GitHub repository: This live demo accompanies a poster relevant to the 2017 ESIP Winter Meeting session: "Reeling in the biologists: connecting the dots between observers, integrators, and decision makers."

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