The Data Management Training (DMT) Clearinghouse is LIVE(!) and Ready for Your Use & Feedback


The first implementation phase of the collaboratively developed Data Management Training Clearinghouse is up and running and ready for people to search, browse and submit learning resources related to research data management.  The DMT Clearinghouse was developed with seed money received in 2016 from the USGS' Community for Data Integration (CDI) in collaboration with that community plus DataONE and ESIP's Data Stewardship / Data Management Working Group.  We'd love to demo the site for you (at, and also welcome your feedback on the web interface as well as the site functionality.  In the next few months, we plan to do some formal usability testing of the site in conjunction with ESIP's new Usability Cluster in order to inform the next phase of interface improvement and enhanced technical functionality.  Our second Statement of Interest to the USGS CDI has once again received enough votes from the CDI community to allow us to submit a full proposal for Phase 2.  Your feedback and use of the site will help us make decisions about the best path forward.  Come see and give us your opinions!

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