Integrating ISO Metadata into HDF Data Products


Many communities are working to improve their data documentation through the use of ISO metadata standards. The HDF Group is working to facilitate the use of ISO in HDF. The HDF Product Designer ( helps users define metadata and file structures for data products in the Hierarchical Data Format. We will describe and demonstrate current Product Designer capabilities and explore approaches to integrating ISO metadata into product designs. Two NASA use cases will be presented.


1.    ***audio difficulties during 1st presentation***

2.    Ed Armstrong, JPL – “Pilot Project for HDF5 Metadata Structures for SWOT”
    b.    SMAP Metadata Review
    c.    SWOT Metadata Pilot Project
    d.    HDF5 Metadata Snippets
        i.    Create HDF5/JSON representations of metadata contents.

3.    Jeff Lee, NASA - “ICEsat-2 Metadata and Status”
    a.    Photo-counting approach, using single laser split into 6 beams.
    b.    14m resolution
    c.    3.5pb of data over 3.5 years
    d.    Workflow and data processing
    e.    4 metadata types
        i.    ACDD Global Metadata
        ii.    ISO19115
        iii.    ISO19139
        iv.    ACCD/CF Variable Metadata
    f.    Workflow and Updating Metadata
    g.    Example: atlas_meta code

Integrating ISO Metadata into HDF Data Products; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , March 2016