Information Quality Cluster - Use Case Analysis - Working Session


The goals of the Information Quality Cluster (IQC) as expressed in the Strategic Plan are:

  • Bring together people from various disciplines to assess aspects of quality of Earth science data
  • Establish and publish baseline of standards and best practices for data quality for adoption by inter-agency and international data providers
  • Build framework for consistent capture, harmonization, and presentation of data quality for the purposes of climate change studies, Earth science and applications

Moving towards these goals, the IQC has been collecting use cases to help identify issues and analyze them to arrive at recommendations for improvements in capturing, describing, enabling discovery and facilitating use of data quality information. The purpose of this session is to focus on analysis of several use cases. A brief introduction will be provided to familiarize new attendees with the IQC, use cases and the analysis process. The number of use cases analyzed will depend on the attendance at the session and the number of breakout groups that can be formed. The use cases to be examined will be pre-analyzed at a very high-level to identify the technical scope and scientific theme of each use case. This will allow for the session attendees who may have relevant expertise to provide more relevant and useful insights to the use case evaluation process. The use cases being reviewed will cover a variety of technical themes including: search ranking/relevancy, metadata, flags/indicators, data processing, subsetting, and uncertainty. The Earth science themes will generally be very broad to cover most of the science disciplines being studied using satellite remote sensing, airborne, and in situ data.



Use Cases submitted so far:

Sample use case analysis can be found in the attached document - "Sample Use Case Analysis - for ESIP IQC"

  • Presentations associated with this session are attached.
  • Rama provided the overview and objectives of the Information Quality Cluster (IQC).
    • Key objectives of IQC include: sharing of the cluster's lessons learned/experiences, actively evaluate best practices and standards for data quality, and improve quality of data collections.
    • IQC collaborates with communities both within and outside of ESIP community, including ESIP Document Cluster and NASA.
    • It is important for the IQC to collect and evaluate use cases in order to capture and convey quality issues.
  • Bob, Peng, Sophie, and Ruth respectively presented their use cases (See attached files for each use case's details, especially the "esip2016_summer_use_cases.docx" file).
  • David demonstrated the general ESIP IQC Use Case Evaluation Form and explained the sections that are included in the Form (during the next part of the session, the room will be separated into 4 sub-groups to evaluate each of the use cases presented by Bob, Peng, Sophie, and Ruth).
  • The remaining session was structured as 4 separate group discussion and did not have associated presentations. Please refer to the recording for further details regarding this session. For the recording, please go to:
    • The sign in is: [email protected], and the password is: Earth111
    • Select: “July 22 AM Junior Ballroom C” (this session will start at the second half of the recording).


K., H.; Peng, G.; Moroni, D.; Information Quality Cluster - Use Case Analysis - Working Session; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , March 2016